Fairy tale love

I’m a hopeless romantic. Always been. I was the little girl watching Disney movies alone – wishing, wondering, if there was a prince charming out there for me. An Eric to my Ariel. A Tarzan to my Jane. A Philip to my Aurora. An Aladdin to my Jasmine. A prince to my princess. Every girl has this one image of true love. One that keeps playing over and over in our heads. One day our true love will sweep us off our feet and carry us away into a never ending sunset. Well, I found that guy who does that, who is so sweet and tries so hard to make me happy.
You started off as a fantasy because I never thought I could have you, and now that I have you I don't feel like you belong to me. I thought I had been in love before, but you make me question all that I once felt before simply because you have made me feel a love that is deeper and more intense. I think about you all day everyday. I love this feeling that is in me but it takes me from laughter to tears in minutes because I know it will never be. I feel I could love you forever, but am I too blind to realize that you and I are a lost cause?  How can we be when I have wanted you for so long without you ever knowing? Could fate be so cruel that it would cross our paths just to shatter my heart to pieces or could it be that I am your knight in shining armor? I never knew it took this little time to fall in love with you.  I truly believe you are the one, my epic love, but I guess not every fairy tale has a happy ending, or do they? Only you can change that for me...

What if..

Tänk om din själdfrände är den personen du inte kan/får vara med? Vad ska man göra? Vad ska man ta sig till? Hur släpper man taget? Hur säger man hejdå till den personen man inte kan leva utan? Hur kommer man klara sig vidare sen? Vad finns det att vänta på en när man släpper taget? Och hur går man vidare från tomheten som kommer att uppstå? Hur klarar man sig undan den? Hur kan man leva vidare uatn sitt hjärta? Det går inte.
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