Släpper allt - kan inte få nog


Mi Gente i världsklass

Helt sjukt besatt av denna!  

Give me somethin', oh, but you say nothin'


Songs on repeat


Jag vill stanna tiden jag vill säga någonting smart men jag sluddrar svar på frågor som jag hoppas att du har.


Oh, my heart is racing, the way we kiss is liberating, it feels like we invented love.


First love, you can't beat the feeling. First cut, still can't stop the bleeding.

Brukar inte lyssna på Molly Sanden men den här låten fastnade!

Lets dream away from here tonight, just let it go and close your eyes. Leave all your troubles here with me, you will always know where I'll be.




''Ny-gammal'' örongodis


Ny favvo-låt


Med denna underbara grupp, blir plugget lite lättare.


I just haven't met you yet


Maybe surrounded by a million people, I still feel all alone, I just want to go home.


Please don't take my sunshine away.


Tell Me A Lie

Och nej jag är inget fan, men vissa låtar är bra.

I Want You


Next To You


And I can't stand the rain no more cos now it hurts like never before. I can't go another day living with this pain in my life.


How do you sleep?


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