If you ever wanna die, fall in love and you get killed

What would you do, if you was me, I was you?
Would you move on, go and find someone new?
I know it hurts, believe that i'm hurting too
I guess I can't hide it as well as you.
o please boy tell me what do I do?
'Cus I know that nobody's perfect but I'm perfect for you
And boy you're perfect for me
That's something you couldn't see
I tried to show you but what was the point if you won't believe?
Now tell me why did you leave?
Do you not love me no more?
See I can hide all the pain, but what remains is the scars
I was the best I could be
I know that I have my flaws
But I gave all that I had
Spent more than I could afford.
She don't want you like I want you
She don't need you like I need you
She don't see you how I see you
She don't breathe you how I breathe you.
 One thing that I love and hate the most
Is people always change but the memories don't
And lately I can't even eat
Lately I've been feeling ill
When you cannot sleep at night
That's when you know shit is real
You don't even need a gun
You don't even need a pill
If you ever wanna die
Fall in love and you'll get killed

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